HOF VAN CLEVE by Peter Goossens

Location: three-star restaurant, Belgium

At Hof van Cleve, every dish you taste is a masterpiece of robust teamwork, based on values like authenticity, respect and solid effort. In addition to their exceptional sense of unique taste combinations, they also attach great importance to the right mood lighting. And this is where Tekna comes in, subtly highlighting the right accents, that's what we're good at. By using the Flatspot 1 (downlighter) and Flatspot 3 (directional) we uniquely illuminate the desired accents on the tables and artworks, without unnecessary shadows.

At the entrance you can find our Wilby, this offers the possibility to disinfect your hands when entering. The design is simple, elegant and high quality finished in dark bronze. The Spreaderlight can always be chosen in the desired finish, in this project we opted for rough dark bronze.

From the Arton collection we have the Minor T, variation on this is the Minor Drop. This design creates an elegant mood lighting thanks to its shadow play. Because it is a battery-operated fixture you can infinitely vary and place it wherever you want. This creates a unique setting at any time. The design has a dark bronze finish and a protective coating.