Lampholder with tube and ceiling plate in brass.
Dimensions: Ø65mm (bulb) - ceiling plate Ø66mm.
Total height with tube 600mm: 800mm. Total height with tube 1200mm: 1400mm.
Tube can be cut at required length.
Lamp Lúmmi LED e27 220-240V 5W 2200K 400lm (dimmable) included.
Main power 230V - 50Hz. (US on request)
Use: indoor (IP20)

With tube 600mm
N117DBR2226DB - THORN PETE PENDANT - 60 dark bronze    
N117CRP2226C1 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 60 polished chrome plated brass    
N117CRM2226C2 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 60 brushed chrome plated brass    
N117NIP2226C2 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 60 polished nickel plated brass    
N117NIM2226N1 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 60 brushed nickel plated brass    

With tube 1200mm
N117DBR2221DB - THORN PETE PENDANT - 120 dark bronze    
N117CRP2221C1 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 120 polished chrome plated brass    
N117CRM2221C2 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 120 brushed chrome plated brass    
N117NIP2221C2 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 120 polished nickel plated brass    
N117NIM2221N1 - THORN PETE PENDANT - 120 brushed nickel plated brass    


  • Brushed Chrome Plated Brass
  • Brushed Nickel Plated Brass
  • Dark Bronze
  • Polished Chrome Plated Brass
  • Polished Nickel Plated Brass

L222 - Lúmmi LED e27 220-240V 5W 2200K 400lm (dimmable)

It is no longer possible to order L081 - Caret Squirrel Cage lamp / L203 - Edison LED