Table lamp in lacquered brass  with inside fitted clear glass. 
Supplied with rechargeable Li-ion battery,  good for a life span of 7 hours after full recharge (2h). 
Dimensions: width 140x140mm- height 280mm.
High Power LED 2700K / 3000K - CRI 95 - 2W. LED driver and charger included.
Main power 110V/240V 50/60Hz. (US on request)
Use: indoor (IP43)  

High Power LED - 2700K  - CRI 95 - 2W
N025ZWTHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered Jet Black   
N025KNRHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered Kenia Red  
N025OGRHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered Orange Rust    
N025MZEHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered Maize   
N025BTGHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered Bottle Green   
N025CTQHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered Chinese Turquoise   
N025RBLHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered Royal blue  
N025FRGHGL24 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 2700K lacquered French Grey   

High Power LED - 3000K  - CRI 95 - 2W
N025ZWTHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered Jet Black
N025KNRHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered Kenia Red    
N025OGRHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered Orange Rust    
N025MZEHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered Maize
N025BTGHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered Bottle Green   
N025CTQHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered Chinese Turquoise   
N025RBLHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered Royal blue
N025FRGHGL25 - BLAKES TABLE LAMP - 3000K lacquered French Grey    


  • Lacquered Kenia Red
  • Lacquered Orange Rust
  • Lacquered Maize
  • Lacquered Royal Blue
  • Lacquered Jet Black
  • Lacquered French Grey
  • Lacquered Bottle Green
  • Lacquered Chinese Turquoise

*only inside use