Trimless recessed adjustable downlighter (both for installation in plasterboard as in hard ceiling).
Tube with visible GU10 Lamp, axial adjustable from 0° to 60° - directional from 0° to 350°.
Soraa LED lamp GU10 - CRI 95 - 3000K - 430lm - light distribution 25°.

Cut out 83mm (81mm for concrete ceiling) outside diameter 80mm builtin height 65mm tube Ø 34,5mm tube height 57mm height lamp inclusive 94mm maximum.
Also available in
  • 500.08.752-G FLATSPOT-8 Black Soraa GU10 230V 3000K
  • 500.08.755-G FLATSPOT-8 White Soraa GU10 230V 3000K
  • 500.08.75X-G FLATSPOT-8 'Custom Color' Soraa GU10 230V 3000K