FLATSPOT-3 CDM-Rm Mini 20W White


Adjustable recessed downlighter.
Visible deep-set tube, be at one with the ceiling edge, complete with Spot Optic, axial adjustable from 0° to 60° - directional from 0° to 350°.
Standard colours titanium white or black. Other colours ('custom' colour) on request.
Complete with lamp CDM-Rm Mini 20W, 35W or 50W GX10 and control gear - not dimmable. Main power 230V.

Dimensions: cut out 83mm for plaster ceiling (81mm for concrete ceiling) overall diameter 80mm builtin height 62mm, total outside height max 105mm 230V
Also available in
  • 500.03.152-20 FLATSPOT-3 CDM-Rm Mini 20W Black
  • 500.03.15x-20 FLATSPOT-3 CDM-Rm Mini 20W 'Custom' colour
  • 500.03.152-35 FLATSPOT-3 CDM-Rm Mini 35W Black
  • 500.03.155-35 FLATSPOT-3 CDM-Rm Mini 35 White
  • 500.03.15x-35 FLATSPOT-3 CDM-Rm Mini 35 'Custom' colour
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